The Army Logistics Base technology project will take place in Córdoba

The Ministry of Defense has selected the city of Cordoba as the headquarters of the Army Logistics Base technology project, assessing the Army’s circumstances and needs and the future prospects to be generated. The construction will give the region an economic and social boost and will help create more than 1,600 jobs, mainly civilians.

It is an innovative project where the Army has been working for ten years to equip itself with a logistics center with the highest technological standards and to consolidate the Army’s material maintenance activities into a single facility to reduce service times, movement and infrastructures. In short, it will result in a comprehensive optimization of military logistics at the highest level, which will be a technological engine, job creation and R&D & I for the region. Another very noteworthy aspect of this project is the benefits in terms of energy efficiency, waste management and use, and environmental policy, which make it possible to minimize the impact of this work on the region.

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