The Army is updating the M-109 self-propelled howitzers while they are still waiting for their replacement –

The Spanish army has M-109 A5 self-propelled howitzers that have been repeatedly proposed to modernize until a replacement is received that does not arrive. For example, companies like Leonardo Hispania or SDLE recently submitted several update proposals for this self-driving veteran obsession.

While awaiting a decision on this matter, the Spanish Army has put out to tender the purchase of a significant number of spare parts, suggesting that there are many years left for this mobile artillery system of service in our country.

In particular, the PCMASA 2 (Armored Systems Maintenance Park and Center) in Segovia has concluded five contracts for the acquisition of various elements of the howitzers, with all acquisitions having the characteristics of a division into two lots and the offers evaluate exclusively for the price and have a deadline for the submission of bids, which ends on the next 4 of this month.

First, spare parts for construction systems worth 72,726 euros are purchased in two lots (sheet metal elements for 62,999.86 euros and fire fighting for 24,998.6 euros), the elements being included in an appendix and classified according to the regulations with their NOC number NATO .

The second order provides for the purchase of spare parts for hydraulic systems for 52,889.60 euros, which are divided between launch components (lot 1 for 47,998.28 euros) and tower components (lot 2 for 15,998.14 euros).

The third order concerns the purchase of spare parts for the repair of barges for 61,155.50 euros, divided into lot 1 for electrical components with a value of 62,998.65 euros such as relays, cable harnesses or headlights and lot 2 for mechanical components for 10,999.51 Euros as inserts, rubber supports or springs.

The fourth contract includes the purchase of spare parts for general systems for 63,633.40 euros, divided into a lot 1 with mechanical elements for 47,997.67 euros and a lot 2 for heating elements for 28,998.74 euros.

The fifth and last order relates to the purchase of spare parts for auxiliary systems for 80,162.10 euros, divided between the unit (lot 1 for 30,997.17 euros, including rocker arms, air filters or water pumps) and chassis (lot 2 for 65,998.97 euros, including Sprockets for the chains). (Jos M Navarro Garca)

Photo: An M-109 A5 of the Spanish Army (Army)

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