The armed forces are stepping up the fight against crime on the border with French Guiana

The Ágata Norte Joint Command carried out an inspection last Saturday (October 31) in Oiapoque (AP) on the border between Amapá and French Guiana. This command consists of the 4th Lake District, the Nordic Military Command and Wing 9 (Belém Air Force Base).

The action took place as part of Operation Ágata Norte 2020 to combat cross-border and environmental crimes on the eastern Amazon border.

Brigadier General Adilson Giovani Quint, commander of the 22nd Jungle Infantry Brigade, said the actions increased the state’s presence in the border regions and demonstrated the deterrent force of the armed forces.

“The challenges of operating in a region like this are immense, but the armed forces are present and active through Brazilian naval agencies, jungle battalions of the Brazilian army, and airspace control divisions from The Brazilian Air Force, as well as integrated operations like Ágata Norte,” said the officer-general.

In the border strip to French Guiana, the actions in Achat Norte take place through checkpoints and river bans, checkpoints and road closures as well as land patrols.

In addition to naval inspections and patrols, the military conducts air traffic control, logistical support, and community support activities. To date, these activities have resulted in the seizure of weapons and ammunition, illegal timber, wild animals, gold and manganese, and narcotics.

For Tiago Forte, a soldier from the Karipuna ethnic group and serving in the Special Border Company of Clevelândia do Norte (AP), participating in this operation is extremely important and a source of pride.

“For us soldiers of indigenous origin in the Brazilian army, it is very gratifying to take part in actions that guarantee the protection of the forest, the borders and the population,” he emphasized. The soldier is one of those in charge of patrolling the Oiapoque River.

Operation Ágata Norte 2020

In October and November, the armed forces, together with state, federal and public safety and environmental security agencies, carry out preventive and repressive measures against cross-border and environmental crimes, decontamination and hospital assistance in the states of Pará and Amapá as part of Operation Ágata Norte 2020.

For the benefit of the activities, the military personnel are alerting society to measures to combat COVID-19 and complementing the measures taken as part of Operation Verde Brasil 2.

Operation Ágata Norte 2020 involves 4,352 military personnel from the armed forces (Brazilian Navy, Brazilian Army and Brazilian Air Force) as well as more than 70 naval, 100 land and 14 air forces.

The military is developing actions in an area between the states of Pará and Amapá, which is 16.3% of the national territory, 14.2% of the sea area, 1,160 km of coastline (15.7% of the total area) and 1,323 km of land border (8.4% of the total amount).

In addition to the armed forces, the following institutions are participating in Ágata Norte 2020: Federal Police (PF), Federal Road Police (DVRF), Federal Tax Service (RF), National Mining Authority (ANM), Brazilian Secret Service (ABIN), Amapá Civil Police, Amapá Military Police, Brazilian Airport Structure Company (Infraero) , Management and Operations Center for the Amazon Protection System (Censipam), Brazilian Institute for Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (IBAMA), Instituto Chico Mendes de Conservação da Biodiversidade (ICMBio), Ministério Público do Trabalho de Santarém (PA) and the Institute for Amapá Prison Administration (IAPEN-AP).

Via – Ministry of Defense

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