The Argentine Navy’s ARA Bouchard successfully certifies the 30mm Marlin Leonardo turret

The ocean patrol boat of the Argentine Navy ARA Bouchard fulfilled the homologation of the 30 mm Marlin Leonardo cannon with effective fire tests at sea. After the return of its last patrol in the waters of the South Atlantic, ARA Bouchard (P51) received the technicians from the Leonardo company and culminated in the installation and homologation of its weapon system, which was equipped with a Marlin Leonard cannon. 30mm.

The experts from the Specialized Instruction and Training Center issued the appropriate instructions to the ship’s weapons team in the facilities of the submarine school. Eventually, the unit was able to determine the final and most complex phase of synchronization and adaptation of the new weapon system by successfully completing the functional assessment and SAT (Site Acceptance Testing) test and conducting an effective target practice against a surface.

After the shots hit the target, it was restored to analyze the effect obtained. During this analysis, a satisfactory result was obtained for the test according to the required standards, whereby the new weapon system of the patrol boat ARA Bouchard was approved and thus remained in operation.

For their part, the units under construction will already be delivered with the weapon system installed. The second of the group of patrol boats (and the first newly built), the Piedrabuena ARA, is expected to arrive in Argentina in June this year, while the third (the Almirante Storni ARA) will do so by the end of 2021. The last of them, the ARA Almirante Cordero, will arrive in early 2022. These last three units have improvements and differences that were contractually requested in relation to the Bouchard and have greater capacity to meet the demands of the South Seas. (Luis Pieiro)

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