The Argentine Navy is offering the purchase of two SH-3H Sea King helicopters for their Naval Aviation

As Defense Minister Agustn Rossi has already advanced, the naval force has to purchase a few aircraft of this legendary model.

The tender to strengthen the meager Naval Aviation Park has already been officially published. It includes not only the purchase, but also the training of the technical maintenance personnel and spare parts to enable maintenance of the logistics transport service and personnel for the Antarctic campaign and SAR missions to operate in the Navy’s surface units

According to the information in the provisions of the document, the characteristics of the two aircraft must comply with the following provisions:

Operating capacity

Minimum service limit 10,000 ft NMM

Cruising speed greater than 110 kn.

Autonomy 5.0 hours or more

External payload greater than 8000 lbs.

The type of air operation is always for IMC / VMC and night.

It is necessary to complete the information in Chapter 9 of the airworthiness rules. Art. 9.01 and DIRAM PART 9 ART. 9.C.10 INC 2 in relation to the equipment requirements described in the RAAC 91 regulation for performing VFR, VFR (NIGHT) and IFR flights.

As we know, the basic normal operating environment for the machine is the marine environment, so its hull is prepared for operation in this machine.

These other conditions that bidders must provide are also required: Refurbished airframes with no history of accidents with significant structural damage. Five hundred hours from the general transportation inspection or equivalent to the 9,000 hour inspection. Service bulletins and airworthiness directives applied. With a double-seat cabin equipped with controls or instruments from any position, a minimum capacity of 15 passengers and impact-resistant seats. Possibility to install stretchers for medical evacuation. Ability to install weapons on the loading door and loading door step and handle

All major components have less than 500 hours of maintenance or replacement.

Motorization: Two GENERAL ELECTRIC T-58-GE-402 axial gas turbines.

Transmission system: with main transmission box of the 24000 series (MGB)

Main rotor system: with composite blades with automatic folding.

Tail rotor system: with standard metal blades, with mechanical folding.

Fuel System: Pressure Loaded, Gravity Loaded, and HIFR.

Electrics: modernized

Lighting system: DC power supply, protected by circuit breakers. Cabin lighting with selection option in night mode (with intensity regulator), day and night vision goggles (NVG). External lights can be toggled between IR, Off and Normal.

Flight control system: with automatic stabilization (ASE).

Landing gear system: Retractable type with built-in emergency buoyancy and landing lights.


Integrated digital cockpit of type MFCD (Multifunction Control Display) and GMPS (Ground Mission Planning System) for flight in night conditions and instruments that are compatible with night vision goggles (NVG).

You must meet the minimum requirements and have:

Double redundant digital EFIS / EICAS (pilot and copilot)

Improved HTAWS.

Traffic advisor.

Integrated GPS / SBAS

Integrated ADAHRS

Integrated FMS

Integrated audio radio management

Synthetic vision.

Integrated digital flight recorder.

COTS navigation receiver.

COTS Mode S transponder

ON (1) ELT (emergency transmitter).

ONE (1) RF communications device

TWO (2) VHF / UHF communication devices.

ONE (1) AIS team.

ONE (1) IFF team.

ONE (1) weather radar.

Anti-ice system: heating in the pitot tube, the windshield and in the air intake to the engine.

Load Hook System – Hook that can lift and pull more than 8,000 pounds. That it has electrical, emergency and manual releases. It must contain a scale, load sensor and cabin display.

Rescue Winch System: Winch with a lifting capacity of 600 pounds or more.

Although this veteran model has already been surpassed by newer and more powerful machines, it is still a powerful and versatile aircraft that is very suitable for armed forces like the Argentine that lack adequate military budgets. (Lui Pieiro)

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