The Argentine Naval Prefecture receives the first of its three upgraded AS365N2 Dauphin messages from

In Brazil, Helibras delivered the first of the three Airbus AS365N2 Dauphin helicopters to the Argentine Naval Prefecture, which was modernized according to the AS365N3 standard. The aircraft received new engines with Arriel 2C propellants, a 4-axis autopilot (also used by the Armed Forces H225 registration PA-14), an all-glass cockpit, and other features that greatly increase performance.

Among the benefits of modernization, we can mention that aircraft no longer require performing major inspection processes, which at this point require them to be out of service for a long time. A shortening of the maintenance cycles means lower costs and less higher uptime. For years they performed in rescue missions in the depths of the national maritime platform with high operability and good performance, but time passed and their modernization was necessary for the continuity of their good performance.

The upgrade of these helicopters was awarded to Airbus helicopters in 2017 by the Ministry of Security as part of a modernization process of the institute’s air equipment for 23,943,000 euros. The engines will be replaced by a drive based on the Turbomeca Arriel 2C, which is equipped with digital fuel management and digital fuel control, which, in addition to a longer interval between controls and inspections, enables fuel consumption to be reduced, and a brand new four-axle autopilot. , identical to that of the EC-225 PA-14 helicopter. As we announced some time ago, there are three more aircraft left to meet the N3 standard of these helicopters. (Luis Pieiro)

Photo: AS365N2 Dauphin helicopter of the Argentine Naval Prefecture modernized in Helibras.

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