The Argentine Army offers the purchase of around a hundred different types of vehicles – Noticias

In the next few days, the tender for the acquisition of around sixty 4×4 trucks with a standardized freight box and an engine of at least 250 HP 4-stroke EURO V diesel will be put out to tender. The Army’s automobile fleet has aged notoriously over time. although the specialists keep almost the entire fleet in operation. The Argentine ground force has therefore acquired small amounts of vehicles for garrison and offsite duties. Through a series of public tenders, the ground forces are now trying to pick up almost a hundred vehicles of the following types:

– 10 heavy 6×4 tractor units.

– 22 enduro motorcycles with 250 cubic capacity

– 8 short-haul buses with 40 seats.

– 28 ambulances with low complexity, 4×4 traction and

provided with hygiene module type A.

– 14 medium-weight trucks for use in the traction fairing


– 13 minibuses with a capacity for 19 passengers.

More recently, the Army has received buses, militarized pickups, and 6×6 Oshkosh FMTV M-1083 trucks, the latter through FMS programs with the United States.

It is clear that the institution needs a significant number of vehicles and it is necessary to acquire a larger contract that allows for greater logistical commonality and achieves better purchase prices. (Luis Pieiro)

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