The Argentine Air Force is selling its Sukhoi SU-29 aircraft at the public auction

Through an official announcement, the Argentine Air Force ordered the Sukhoi SU-29 aircraft to be sold through a public auction with an opening date of June 14th. These devices, made in Russia and purchased in 1997, formed the acrobatic troupe Cruz del Sur, which arrived in the country in 1988.

Upon arrival in Argentina, Squadron IV Sukhoi SU-29AR was formed from Group 4 of Fighters based in the IV Brigade Area of ​​Mendoza. The eight aircraft hold numerous exhibitions across the national territory and caused the unit’s only loss in 2003 when Major Rubn Cortes, the squadron’s chief, along with Lieutenant Danilo Soldera, had an accident that fell to the ground near its operational base.

Unfortunately, various factors have caused the squadron to be decommissioned, which has been deactivated for years with material that is less than twenty percent of its useful life. At some point a Russian technical delegation visited the Material Ro IV area, where the machines are located, to carry out a technical inspection and to check the possibility of their restart.

Despite the fact that this project only required updating the mandatory service bulletins and doing some repairs at minimal cost, the days of these wonderful aerobatic aircraft in the Argentine Air Force were over. (Luis Pieiro)

Photo: Sukhoi SU-29 aircraft of the Argentine Air Force in acrobatic flight.

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