The application that enables aviation information retrieval is updated

The Brazilian Air Force (FAB), which is responsible for managing activities related to the control of the airspace, constantly invests in research and development of new technologies to make this service increasingly safer, more assertive and more efficient.

The Air Control Department (DECEA) conceives, plans, designs, leads and oversees the implementation of specific systems, devices and infrastructures in order to be recognized as the global reference for safety, fluidity and efficiency in integrated air control.

One of the services that are part of this process is the FPL BR – EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) application which allows the pilot to view aviation information in digital form.

The application, updated on October 23, has several features such as: B. the query of aeronautical charts for instrument flights and visual flights, route maps, information on aviation publications (AIP supplements, English, publication of aviation information) and is also possible to create a personalized list with the functions of blocking, enlarging and reducing the screen. It can also be used offline by consulting the aeronautical charts in flight.

The application has just received an updated version and now, in addition to the previous functions, brings a new redesign of the application screens and functions, which include pre-flight advice, dynamic information (NOTAM, from English, note to the flier) and temporary information from enable aerodrome conditions (INFOTEMP), basic weather information for a specific aerodrome (METAR reports – Meteorological Aerodrome Report and TAF – Terminal Aerodrome Forecast) as well as sunrise and sunset times.

The director of the Institute of Aviation Cartography (ICA), Chief Engineer Alessander de Andrade Santoro, explains the benefits of using the application. “With the availability of this application, users can become better acquainted with the products prepared by the institute on the AISWEB (in English, Aeronautical Information Service) portal, as the crew can use them during the planning and implementation process. Flight, tracking of navigation in real time and agile access to information along the flown route, ”he explains.

According to engineer Gisele Lima de Oliveira, the application represents a technological advance in cross-system communication, which is carried out dynamically between the AISWEB portal and the FPL BR-EFB application, providing dynamic and accurate information whenever new changes are published.

DECEA made the SAC (Customer Service) portal available to send suggestions for improving and developing the tools. These suggestions will be implemented in future releases according to the application’s development plan to further facilitate pilot navigation.

For the President of the Commission for the Implementation of the Airspace Control System (CISCEA), Brigadeiro do Ar Sérgio Rodrigues Pereira Bastos Junior: “This is an improvement of an extremely useful tool and easy access to the crews who are responsible for the safety of air navigation services through DECEA, the governing body of the Brazilian Airspace Control System (SISCEAB). “

The new version of the app is available free of charge from the Google Play Store and the Apple Store.

Source: FAB

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