The AP 41 ?? Achilles ?? of the Chilean Navy is already in action in the Chilean Antarctica (with photo gallery)

As part of the Antarctic 2020-2021 campaign, the AP 41 ?? Achilles ?? It is already being used in Antarctica after crossing the Drake Sea, an area considered to be one of the stormiest in the world.

Between November 13th and 16th it remained anchored in Bahía Chile, with the aim of deploying the logistical support of the Antarctic naval base “Captain Arturo Prat”, where the course of the midshipmen, sailors and soldiers infantry of the cruise ship was the teaching of BE? ? Esmeralda ??, embarked in AP ?? Aquiles ??, took an active part in the deployment and support tasks.

For the 112 young people participating in the training cruise, it was an opportunity to assess the importance of the Antarctic territory and its features, as well as to know and understand the maneuvers involved in this type of operations in the conditions of katabatic winds and stormy conditions Connected to the waters of the United States are Bransfield Strait, which helps complement their professional training, cohesion and the importance of teamwork.

The seafarers in training visited the Antarctic naval base “Captain Arturo Prat” and got to know the conditions and functions of the crews who carry out important tasks in the isolated areas every year. You were part of the delegation at the change of command ceremony for the above distribution.

In compliance with the Madrid Protocols, an international agreement that regulates the maintenance and protection of the Antarctic environment, we have continued the removal of waste, debris and decommissioned material from the naval base “Captain Arturo Prat”. In this way, the institution is an active player in protecting the environment on the white continent.

The AP 41 ?? Achilles ?? later he went to Bahía Fildes and drove with logistical support tasks for Base ?? Escudero ?? away. (INACh), base ?? President Eduardo Frei Montalva ?? (FACh), airfield? Lieutenant Marsh? (DGAC) and the harbor master of Bahía Fildes (Navy), in addition to the logistical support of foreign bases? Lieutenant Artigas? (Uruguay) and ?? Arctowsky ?? (Poland), the latter in Seno Almirantazgo, where two scientists reached their destination with the help of naval helicopters.

In this way, the 2020-2021 Antarctic Campaign begins to achieve its first goals by making a crucial contribution to the institution with logistical support and contributing to national development and government action. the protection of territorial maritime interests and international cooperation.

Source and photos: Third Sea Zone.

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