The anti-submarine capability that SAES will equip the F-110 frigates with at the Colombian Navy Noticias CINAV 2020 forum

As part of the X CINAV 2020 Naval Engineering Conference organized by, SAES explained the capabilities of the latest generation that will carry the new F-110 frigate for the Spanish Navy, one of the most advanced in ASW (Anti-Submarine Warfare) will be the Colombian Navy.

The conference was held by Ignacio Gutirrez, head of the company’s anti-submarine warfare (ASW) line, who signed a 2019 contract with Thales to manufacture, integrate and test sonar technology for the company’s new F-110 frigates project signed. Spanish Navy. This contract is part of the agreement between Thales and Navantia for more than 160 million euros to supply anti-submarine capabilities to future Spanish ships.

The contributions from the Cartagena, Murcia-based company will allow the F-110 frigate to offer integration between acoustic sensors, incorporate the latest technologies into ASW such as multistatic digital sonobuoys, have and improve an acoustic intelligence database (ACINT) Acoustic operator skills thanks to on-board training.

These posts make it possible to cover each of the phases of an ASW operation and to take into account the briefing, operations and debriefing phases. The conference mainly focuses on the presentation of the sensors that the company develops 100%: the SAS systems (Sonoboyas Acoustic System) and the AMS (Acoustic Management System).

SAS (Sonobuoy Acoustic System) is an acoustic processor system that processes passive and active Sonobuoys in analog and digital implementation and is used by both the frigate and the ASW helicopter. The AMS acoustic management system enables performance prediction calculation, tactical chart fusion and multistatism processing between Sonobuoys as well as between Sonobuoys and VDS.

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