The amphibious ship? Castilla? the Spanish Navy in air-naval maneuvers with the Egyptian Navy-Noticias

The amphibious assault ship or Landing Platform Dock (LPD) ?? Castilla ?? the Spanish Navy trained with at least two surface units and a helicopter from the main naval force in Africa, Egypt, during its transit through the vicinity of the Egyptian coasts last week.

The ?? Castilla ?? She sailed from Rota Naval Base, Cádiz, to the Indian Ocean on January 31st to join the European Union Naval Forces mission, EU-NAVFOR Somalia, better known as the Atalanta operation. The ship, under the command of Captain Eduardo Guitián Crespo, has a Mixed Embarked Air Unit (UNAEMB) for this mission, which consists of an AB-212 helicopter of the third aircraft squadron and an unmanned flight system or an RPAS scan (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) consists of Eagle of the Eleventh Squadron, which provides intelligence capabilities or intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capabilities (ISR) to the ship. Also on board are two Landing Craft Mechanized LCM-1E of the Naval Beach Group, which, like the ship, were built by Navantia.

In addition to its employees, there is a reinforced medical staff with surgical capacities and the Marine Operantry (IM) Security Operational Team (EOS), which will be on board with a total of 256 Navy personnel. As is customary during trips to the Indian Ocean, the scene of the Atalanta operation, exercises with the units of the Egyptian military navy are carried out in both the Mediterranean and the Red Sea, as Cairo has its own fleet in each of them. These exercises provide training, interoperability, and an important experience, especially for the Egyptian Navy, which must also add consistent training to its crews in addition to its spectacular resource enhancement.

On the distributed pictures you can see two support ships of the Egyptian Navy: a frigate of the class “Oliver H. Perry”, of which four units were acquired second-hand by the US Navy (United States Navy United); and a very skilled Tiger attack rapid patrol missile launcher, Type 148, the improved German version of the French design “The Combattante II”.

In total, the German Navy equipped itself with 20 of these small but well-armed patrol boats. After his withdrawal, a total of five were sold to Egypt in 2002. A Kaman SH-2G Super Seasprite helicopter also took part in the PASSEX airborne exercise, which involved a landing on the wide flight deck of the LPD ?? Castilla ?? took place. (Julio Maíz Sanz)

Photo: An Egyptian helicopter lands on the flight deck of the ship LPD ?? Galicia ??. (Navy photo)

In the middle we can see “Castilla” while on each side two Egyptian escorts. (Navy photo)

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