The aircraft of the Airbus A321 is dented with four times the force of gravity on landing

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An Airbus A321 suffered severe structural damage in an extremely hard landing that exceeded four times the force of gravity due to the heavy impact with the ground.

VietJet’s Airbus A321, similar to the incident – Image: joolsgriff / CC BY-NC 2.0, via Flickr

According to The Aviation Herald (AvHerald), the aircraft involved in the hard landing incident was the Airbus A321, registered under registration number VN-A639 and operated by the Vietnamese airline Vietjet Air.

The jet took commercial flight number VJ-260 from Ho Chi Minh City to Dong Hoi, both in Vietnam, and landed on runway 29 at the destination airport when its runway touch recorded about + 4.27G that is, the aircraft structure was subject to more than four times the standard weight.

The crew completed the landing without further incident and was able to taxi the Airbus A321 to the shipyard. However, a post-flight inspection revealed significant structural damage, including visible folds, i.e. compression dents, on the fuselage surface. It was also found that the nose gear wheel bolts were all lost.

A321 fuselage with folds after structural stress – Picture: The Aviation Herald A321 front wheel without all screws – Picture: The Aviation Herald

According to AvHerald, no weather report (METAR) is available either, but there are reports that the track was wet, the winds 020 degrees (cross winds at 90 degrees from the right) with 23 knots and gusts up to 33 knots (61 km / h).

The following day, October 17, 2020, the airline announced that a number of flights to central Vietnam, including Dong Hoi, had been canceled due to the deteriorating weather in the area, such as on the day of the incident, the Depression The Tropical Ofel hit the coast Central Vietnam and caused widespread flooding and 10 deaths on the ground.

Data from flight tracking website FlightRadar24 shows the A321 VN-A639 is still on the ground in Dong Hoi a week after the incident. Complex structural repairs will likely require complex structural repairs as surface damage, like the one in the A321 photo, is often associated with major internal deformations.

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