The Airbus H160 makes its debut in the oil and gas sector with the hand of Derazona-Noticias

Indonesian company Derazona has ordered an H160 helicopter from Airbus Helicopters, which marks the aircraft’s entry into the hydrocarbon sector commonly known as oil and gas. This type of helicopter will serve a variety of roles for the company and its expansion plans in Indonesia, including charter and passenger transportation, as well as support for onshore and offshore hydrocarbon production facilities.

Derazona becomes the first operator of the H160 in Indonesia and the launch customer of this helicopter for hydrocarbon applications in the Asia-Pacific region. This device sets new standards in terms of performance, safety, comfort and design and collects up to 68 patents. This shows the commitment to innovation. The Helionix avionics set reduces the pilot’s workload and increases safety.

Due to its compact size, it is ideally suited for operation in small systems that are typical of the offshore sector. In addition, the Arrano by Safran motors offer lower consumption, while the Blue Edge type rotor blades and the clad Fenestron combine high performance with a low noise level.

In addition to the hydrocarbon sector, the H160 is suitable for private transport, VIP transport, rescue services, search and rescue missions and other public facilities. (Jos M Navarro Garca)

Photo: Derazona H160 (Airbus helicopter)

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