The Air Force’s 130 soldiers and six Eurofighters certified for the NATO reinforced air police mission in Romania –

The PAZNIC division of the Spanish Air Force is now ready to carry out its missions as part of NATO’s reinforced air police (eAP) in Romania. The Torrejón Combined Air Operations Center (CAOC-TJ) confirmed the full operation of the unit this Tuesday, February 2nd, which consists of 130 soldiers and six Eurofighters who will be under the control of this center during their deployment. The Operations Command (MOPS) will carry out the national operational control.

“The Air Police’s enhanced mission is a continuation of NATO’s defense policy, which aims to provide deterrence through the presence and transparency of its operations,” said Lt. Col. José Enrique Hernández Medel, head of the department. “The Spanish Eurofighters will work closely with their Romanian allies over the next two months to monitor and protect Europe’s south-eastern border,” he added.

For his part, the commander of the NATO Combined Operations Center in Torrejón, Lieutenant General Fernando de la Cruz, has assured that both the CAOC and the Romanian control centers and the Spanish branch have shown “great flexibility”. to certify the device despite the pandemic. “This certification is a guarantee of professionalism, consistency and teamwork,” he emphasized.

This mission demonstrates the collective determination of the allies and the defensive nature of NATO and avoids the threat of aggression against its allies. It is a particularly flexible and adaptable tool for the volatility of the Alliance’s security situation and a clear message of solidarity, efficiency and determination.

In recent years, Allied combat detachments from Canada, Italy, Portugal and the United Kingdom have deployed their planes to Romania in support of NATO security operations in the south. Spain has contributed to the Air Police mission in Northern Europe since 2006, but this is the first time it has taken on this role in Southern Europe.

Source and photo: Defense Staff.

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