The Air Force Two aircraft recently landed in São Paulo

It landed quietly and less than an hour ago at Guarulhos International Airport, a special Boeing 757 of the American Air Force.

The jet rarely appears in flight tracking apps and has sparked rumors among flight enthusiasts as its visit to Brazil is very rare. The aircraft designated as the C-32A in the USAF, the US Air Force, is a Boeing 757-200 that has been modified for VVIP transport.

It was named Air Force Two because it is widely used by American vice presidents because when the president is flying, the plane has the Air Force One or Air Force One radio code and the truck comes second. the name of the aircraft.

In addition to the deputy, the C-32A transports everyone from the highest levels of the American government, from the president himself to the department heads (ministers) and other high-ranking secretaries.

The aircraft is heavily modified and, according to the USAF itself, there is a communication center, the galley (kitchen of the aircraft), toilets and 10 guide seats at the front.

The second part has a private room that can be used by the “main passenger”. This is the VIP person being transported and the reason for the flight. This room has a closet, bathroom, entertainment system, two prime seats and a couch that converts into a bed.

The third section contains the meeting room and eight executive seats for the employees at the highest level. In the last meeting there are 32 executive seats for other employees, two bathrooms and lockers.

Thanks to additional fuel tanks, the aircraft can fly 10,000 km (5,500 nautical miles) instead of 7,250 km (3,915 nautical miles) of the standard 757-200.

In addition, the C-32 is equipped with a variety of communication devices for secure transmissions, including satellite phones, official orders and a full office. Another highlight are the missile warning systems and countermeasures such as chaff and flares.

A visit to Brazil is not associated with the Vice President

According to the State Department, Ambassador VBrien, chairman of the United States National Security Council (CSN), an institution founded in 1947, and the main advisory body to the President is the VVIP on board the C-32 that landed in Guarulhos USA on national security issues and foreign policy.

The delegation of Ambassador O’Brien’s official mission will consist of Representative United States Sales Representative Michael Nemelka, President of the United States Export and Import Bank, Kimberly Reed, and the Director of United States Financial Development Company, Sabrina H, in addition to representatives from the CSN Teichman.

On the morning of the 19th, Ambassador O’Brien will carry out an economic and commercial agenda in the city of São Paulo. At the headquarters of the São Paulo State Industrial Association (FIESP), CSN will meet with Brazilian business people.

On the same day, Robert O’Brien will hold a meeting in Brasilia with the Minister for Economic Affairs, Paulo Guedes. In the afternoon, the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Ernesto Araújo, will hold a working meeting and dinner with the US government representative. On this occasion, bilateral issues are discussed and opinions on regional and international challenges are exchanged.

On the 20th, Ambassador O’Brien will be received by the President of the Republic in Planalto in front of an audience and will meet with the Minister of State of the Institutional Security Office of the Presidency of the Republic, General Augusto Heleno.

Ambassador O’Brien’s visit is an additional milestone in the productive dialogue between the Brazilian and US governments in all areas. In addition, it shows the diversity of bilateral relations on their different fronts, particularly in the economic field and in the defense and security field.

Sources point out that this visit, on the eve of the American elections, will sign a trade agreement between the US and Brazil. Even the Boeing 757 has always been a lucky charm:

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