The Air Force ends the mission of its Eurofighter in Romania-Noticias

The air force fighters stationed in Romania, who report on the NATO air police mission in February and March, are returning to Spain in stages after they have more than met national and international expectations. During the duration of the mission, the Spanish Eurofighters carried out around 400 flights in Romanian airspace under the operational command of the Operations Command (MOPS). The aircraft and its pilots have trained with the Romanian F-16 and Mig-21, as well as with the French Rafale, and have participated in two naval exercises developed in the Black Sea. Most importantly, however, they have guaranteed the surveillance and protection of the south-eastern border of Europe and demonstrate the cohesion of the Atlantic Alliance and the interoperability of the armed forces of the allied countries.

“The enhanced mission of the air police is a continuation of NATO’s defense policy, which is aimed at deterrence through the presence, credibility and transparency of its operations,” said Lt. Col. Jos Enrique Herndz at the start of the mission. Medel, Chief of the Armed Forces of the Detachment. This is the eighth time Spanish aircraft have participated in the Air Police mission outside their territory, adding to NATO’s permanent defense plan for sustained efforts. This defense policy does not work against a specific threat, but rather seeks to deter the threat through presence and transparency in the operations of the Allied forces. The success of the Enhanced Air Policing mission is another sign of the Allies’ determination to maintain and advance collective defense, and demonstrates the flexibility and adaptability of the Alliance’s operations.

In the next few days, the withdrawal of the 130 men and women stationed in Konstanz in support of this mission will be completed. The operating conditions were difficult. The icy winds and recurring snowfalls are very different from the working conditions at their home base in Morn de la Frontera, Seville. In addition, preventive measures against the spread of COVID-19 required a high level of discipline and responsibility. However, each and every component of the Pacific Department returns to their homes with the firm satisfaction of the task accomplished. We are all aware of the great relevance of this mission, which has shown Spain’s great commitment to international security and its strong commitment to NATO.

Text and photo: Defense staff.

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