The Air Force awards important internship contracts in simulators for their pilot noticias

In April, we reported on the Air Force Logistics Support Command’s procurement directorate tender to conduct aircraft simulator practices. Nine of the twelve lots in which this contract is awarded have now been awarded to the companies Flightsafety International, Airbus Defense and Space and Cinetic Plus SL.

Remember that the contract is formalized by a framework agreement with twelve different lots depending on the type of aircraft on which pilots and crews are being trained. It will be developed between the second half of 2020 and the second half of 2022, although an extension for another year has been set. The value of this contract exceeds 7.5 million euros and, with renewals, reaches an estimated value of 11.2 million euros. The two criteria for evaluating the tenders are the price at 60% and the proximity of the contractor’s facilities to the unit at 40%.

The following contracts were awarded and formalized for the training of crews and personnel:

Lot 2: The simulator training course Falcon 900B (T-18) for crews and maintenance personnel of Group 45 worth 825,000 euros was awarded to the simulator training course Lot 3: CN235 (T-19) GRUEMA crews, 48th wing, The 49th Wing, CECAF, 802 Squadron and GRUEMA students worth 1.3 million euros were awarded to Airbus Defense and Space SAU. Lot 4: Cessna Citation V (TR-20) simulator training course for CECAF crews valued at 283,410 euros, was also awarded to Lot 5: C-295 (T-21) simulator training course for crews from Wing 35 for 2, 5 million euros was awarded to Airbus Defense and Space SAU. Lot 6: The simulation course Airbus 310-304 (T-22) for flight personnel (pilots) of Group 45 worth 348,354 euros was awarded to Cinetic Plus SL. Lot 7: The course in the Airbus 310-304 (T-22) simulator for Group 45 maintenance personnel valued at EUR 213,988 was awarded to Cinetic Plus SL. Lot 8: Cinetic Plus SL was also awarded emergency training for cabin crew of Group 45 for 19,785 euros. Lot 9: Beechcraft King Air C-90 (U-22) simulator internship for CECAF crews for 194,990 euros, was awarded again to lot 12: Sikorski S-76C (HE-24) simulator course for staff of wings 78 worth 474,480 euros were awarded

Pending lot 1 (Falcon 20 (TM-11) simulator training course for crews and maintenance personnel of Group 47), lot 10 (Super Puma Simulator (HD-21, AS332 C1E) internship, e.g. crews of wing 46) and lot 11 (Super Puma simulator training course (HD / TD-21) for crews of Wing 48, Wing 49 and CLAEX). (Jos M Navarro Garca)

Photo: A310 of the 45th Group (Air Force)

C295 of the Luftwaffe (Luftwaffe)

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