The Air Force aircraft will be deployed in the Baltic Sea next year, but not in Romania-Noticias

Defense Minister Margarita Robles confirmed to that there are currently no plans to use fighter jets in Romania to contribute to the air defense of this NATO country, according to some media.

Likewise, as part of a presentation of the efforts of the Spanish armed forces to combat COVID-19 at the headquarters of the MOPS (Operations Command), it was confirmed that the air force will be stationed in the Baltic Sea in 2021. As in the last years of participation in the BAP (Baltic Air Policing), the Spanish air department will be on the stage in the second shift of this NATO mission from May 1st to August 31st next year. It is not yet public that the Air Force fighter wing will take over. The last two years were EF-18Ms of Wing 12 (2019) and 15 that same year, operating out of iauliai Air Force Base (Lithuania). Therefore, it is very likely that wings (11 and 14) equipped with Eurofighters will carry out the mission.

Much further south, off the shores of the Black Sea, NATO has another similar operation underway, NATO Enhanced Air Policing, launched in 2014 in response to Russia’s occupation of the Crimean Peninsula. The air forces took part in this air police mission under the command of the Combined Air Operations Center or the CAOC (Commander Combined Air Operations Center) Torrejn, from which the entire air defense of the southern European NATO countries is controlled. the alliance. Since September 5th, 135 employees and six CF-188 (local designation of the F / A-18) of the Royal Canadian Air Force, which operate from the Romanian base Mihail Kogalniceanu in the immediate vicinity of the coastal city, have assumed this responsibility. from Constanza, where the immediate reaction center for air defense or QRA (Quick Reaction Force) is located (Julio Maz Sanz).

Photo: A Royal Canadian Air Force CF-188 flies in formation with several Romanian MiG-21 launchers. (NATO photo)

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