The A319 aircraft landed in the grass and the pilot went to the runway to check that the clearance was not cleared

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We reported last Sunday, October 18, that an Airbus A319 had been damaged while hitting Panzhihua Airport in China when it hit lights and an instrument landing aid antenna (ILS). Please find below new updates released today on this case.

Panzhihua Airport – Image: Oliver22233 / Public Domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The serious incident occurred on Friday the 16th and as of Sunday there was still no official information officially released by Chinese authorities with any depth on the details of the fact about the Shenzhen Airlines plane.

However, according to The Aviation Herald, the Chinese Civil Aviation Authority released a preliminary report on Tuesday which found that the aircraft not only hit the objects but also landed off the runway in front of the paved surface at the risk of sinking into soft ground and could have an accident.

The investigation revealed that the aircraft had two penetrations in the rear fuselage of 45 × 5 cm and 20 × 12 cm, which also had structural damage, and that the tires were damaged in several places. So far, however, no new images have been revealed beyond the original one, which you will review below.

The approach lights and the runway location antenna were actually damaged by the aircraft, according to information that was previously unofficially circulated.

In addition to the incident itself, the report also reveals another grave fact related to the event. The flight commander disembarked when he arrived at the shipyard and went to the runway to conduct an inspection. However, he did so without the approval of Air Traffic Control (ATC), which is a serious breach.

Approach conditions

The investigation also discusses details of the flight immediately prior to the event in which the aircraft attempted an RNP approach (a type of performance-based navigation that allows an aircraft to fly on a specific trajectory between two defined points in space) to the runway 20 .

The wind was 070 degrees, but variable from 040 to 110 degrees, and at 4 m / s the visibility was 2,160 meters and the visibility on runway 20 varied from 450 to 2,000 meters. There was light rain, light fog and cloudy weather at 330 meters.

The A319 aborted the first approach due to restricted visibility and then stood on standby for almost an hour. It landed and landed when the ATC reported that conditions were a little better. Although still unstable, conditions were now such that the deep clouds had disappeared and visibility was 4,800 meters in light rain.

After the commander got off the plane, he stayed on his unauthorized inspection for about 24 minutes before returning, and just 26 minutes after he returned, he informed the tower that they could have landed from the runway, that is, they were on their way 50 minutes that the airport remained operational after the incident.

The cabin flight and voice recorder records have been accessed and read and the investigation is ongoing.

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