The 10 most beautiful approaches to land in South and Central America

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If you’ve traveled by air, you know that the time of take-off and landing is always an attraction in the trip. There are places where the visual approach of the aircraft alone is worth the ticket and makes these flight phases an unforgettable experience.

Do you remember which trip you made and had the most beautiful landscape? A British private airline called PrivateFly asks its followers this question every year, selecting the finest approaches from continental regions and around the world.

You ask, “Which airport did your favorite scenario have when you approached?”

According to our partner Aviacionline, the vote in 2020 took place at the beginning of the year, at the very beginning of the new coronavirus pandemic, and was attended by more than 6,000 frequent company passengers and also flight enthusiasts.

Among the choices are 129 airports around the world, also divided into continental regions such as Africa and the Middle East, North America, Australasia (Oceania and Asia), Europe, and finally Latin America and Central America.

We will highlight the 10 most beautiful landscapes in South and Central America here. Ready?

Although we live in a country with beautiful landscapes and wonderful approaches, the competition with the Caribbean islands and the mountainous regions of our South American neighbors puts us at a disadvantage. Nevertheless, we managed to get two Brazilian travel destinations in the South and Central America category in the top 10 of the votes.

10. Los Roques Airport, Venezuela

The town of Los Roques is considered a hidden gem because it is not visited much. Surrounded by crystal clear waters and beautiful beaches of fine white sand, it is a spectacle for those who arrive on site.

9. Cyril E. King Airport, Saint Thomas

We arrived at the first Caribbean destination on the list. The approach to Saint Thomas already gives a brief “spoiler” of the dream of visiting this small island that is part of the American territory of the Virgin Islands, bathed by the Caribbean Sea and surrounded by cliffs and mountains.

8. Congonhas Airport, Brazil

Now our traditional Congonhas Airport in São Paulo has achieved an excellent position in the survey ranking. While there are no beautiful beaches and mountains, the approach to Congonhas impresses with the urban look of the largest city in Latin America.

Anyone with the privilege of having this experience has the feeling that the plane will land in the middle of the city, and from up there you can clearly see the verticalization line of the city, making it look like a runway Large buildings were built in the middle of the city.

7. Ushuaia International Airport, Argentina

This approach has the Andes background as a major draw. Ushuaia is a small peninsula surrounded by the Beagle Channel and one of the most popular destinations for pilots because of the appearance it looks when you land and take off.

6. Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport, Saba

With an extremely short runway of only 400 meters, it is considered the smallest runway in the world. The airport only receives small aircraft and special aircraft for operation on short runways. Saba Island is part of the Dutch Caribbean and is surrounded by cliffs and high hills.

5. Gustaf III Airport, Saint Barth

Gustaf III Airport, like Saba Airport, has an extremely challenging landing. The pilots must make a steep and spiraling descent and point the aircraft on the runway in the final moments for a safe landing. The city is part of the French overseas islands and is located southeast of the famous Saint Maarten.

Surrounded by hills on paradisiacal beaches, typical of the Caribbean, the landscape of the approach is fascinating. The hard part is knowing that you are landing in one of the most dangerous airports in the world.

4. Nassau International Airport, Bahamas

The Bahamas are a very popular place for tourists, especially in summer, when the beautiful beaches, luxury hotels and attractions for all tastes make the destination one of the most sought-after in the world.

The approach is lush and shows all the beauty of Nassau and the Caribbean Sea that surrounds it. As soon as the plane flies over the city, however, we can see the contrast of the paradise on the coast with the poverty inside the town.

3. Rio de Janeiro International Airport (Galeão), Brazil

We hit the top 3 and opened with a different Brazilian destination. Although the approach to Galeão airport is beautiful and shows a unique look to the wonderful city, I believe that voters are not familiar with the landing at Santos Dumont airport, near the center of Rio de Janeiro, where the plane departs, as well as in Saint Barth spirals to land on the Rio Niterói Bridge and lands in front of the Sugar Loaf.

A certain fact is likely due to the fact that Galeão receives all international flights arriving in Rio de Janeiro while Santos Dumont only receives domestic regular flights as it operates with a very short runway for large planes.

2. Queen Beatrix International Airport, Aruba

Aruba is another very popular destination for everyone in the Caribbean. Surrounded by paradisiacal beaches, as you approach it is still possible to have a privileged view of the traditional cruise ships arriving in the town of Queen Beatrix.

1. Princesa Juliana International Airport, St. Maarten

The advocate of research could be no other, the famous Saint Maarten Airport is a must-see attraction for tourists of the destination.

The approach and landing at the airport are a show in itself and the place has become a tourist spot not only for those on the plane but also for those who watch the plane arrive from the beach, where there is a sense of proximity to the plane creates a frenzy for local tourists.

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