Tecnobit – Grupo Oesía will provide the United Arab Emirates Army with an advanced artillery simulator

The Spanish company, recognized in the field of simulation for its long history in Field Artillery Simulator (SIMACA) in Spain and in SIMAF in Brazil, the largest military simulator in Latin America, has announced its first order to develop a fire simulator. state-of-the-art artillery for the United Arab Emirates as part of the IDEX 2021 international fair, which will take place in Abu Dhabi until February 25, and will showcase its latest advances in the field of vision (displays and IRST). Tactical communication and secure, advanced on-board electronics systems and optronics, products for which it is recognized as a worldwide reference.

The presence of Tecnobit Grupo Oesa will be recorded at a stand shared with its partner in the country (Grupo Al Badie) in the UAE pavilion at stand CP-220 and linked to the Spanish representation at the fair coordinated by TEDAE becomes. With this new virtual simulator called SIMTAR, the armed forces of the Emirates are getting a capacity that they did not have before. You can train a group (battalion) of artillery, train its integration with the maneuvering unit and reach a level of the brigade. In addition, it provides technical and tactical training in which the procedures of the artillery doctrine are strictly followed, and provides instruction on mission planning, site reconnaissance, surveillance, target acquisition, preparation and execution of the mission. Shooting and, for shooting, assessment of the damage inflicted.

The system accurately simulates all the environmental conditions and properties of all entities present on the virtual battlefield, using advanced artificial intelligence technology that allows the behavior of these entities to be emulated in the simulation exercise with complete autonomy as if they were real units. The simulator also provides training for JTACs (Joint Terminal Attack Controllers, or Joint Terminal Attack Controllers, in Spanish) who emulate CAS (Close Air Support) actions with the assistance of an aircraft being controlled from a pilot’s position.

At IDEX 2021, Tecnobit will show a selection of its most innovative products, such as smart displays for the 8×8 vehicle (two sizes) and aeronautical displays, optronic devices (LEDA, Castor and Odin) and the Cifpecom encryptor, which are ready for immediate use and demonstrations on their own State of the company.

Photo: Luis Furnells, Executive President of Tecnobit Grupo Oesa, welcomes DIGAM, Admiral Santiago Ramn Gonzlez and Brigadier General Csar Senz de Santa Mara, Head of OFICAEX, to the company’s booth

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