Tecnobit – Grupo Oesía will partner with the Air Force on research and development initiatives through the Defense and Experimental Logistics Center

In the offices of the Logistics Support Command of the Air Force Headquarters, a general protocol of action was signed by Lieutenant General Ignacio Bengoechea Mart, Chief of the Logistics Support Command (MALOG) of the Air Force, and Hctor Roldn Snchez, Director General of the Air Force, Tecnobit – Grupo Oesa company. The event was also attended by the MALOG authorities and the Executive President of Grupo Oesa, Luis Furnells, as well as members of the company’s management.

Through the General Protocol of Action, the Air Force, principally through CLAEX, and the Company have expressed their intention to work closely together through innovation initiatives and through research and development of operational applications of common interest.

The cooperation agreement will serve to implement solutions and innovative technologies that make it possible to achieve better functionality and effectiveness of the Air Force’s missions. In this way, both parties will conduct collaborative initiatives through the Armaments and Experiments Logistics Center (CLAEX), a facility that is dependent on the General Air Command (MAGEN) and functionally dependent on the Logistics Support Command (MALOG).

This General Protocol of Action has a duration of four years from the date of its signature and is expressly renewable for successive periods of two years.

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