Surprise resignation of the Peruvian interior minister 14 days after his appointment-Noticias

Interior Minister Rubn Vargas Cspedes presented his resignation after only 14 days in office, apparently due to the questioning of the appointment of General Cesar Cervantes as General Commander of the National Police and the resignation of Lieutenant General Orlando Velasco Mujica, Jorge Lam Almonte and Herly Rojas Liendo and 15 others Generals of the institution. Added to this is the motion to interpellate against him raised by the Congress of the Republic.

In his letter of resignation, Vargas Cespedes points out that, despite the unnecessary confusion, there is no doubt that all the decisions taken are constitutionally justified and scrupulously comply with police regulations, and that the measures taken, despite their absolute legality, are respected and have the urgent need Affected mood in some political sectors and endangered the path described. Even when it comes to reactions typical of action of this type and scope, we understand that they will affect the main objective of its administration for the months to come: to ensure the democratic transition to the new government.

At 7:30 p.m. General PNP (r) Culver Fernando Aliaga Lodtmann was sworn in as Minister of the Interior. He became the second Minister of the Interior in the government of President Francisco Sagasti and the sixth to be appointed in 2020: Gaston Rodriguez Limo (April 24 to July 15), Jorge Montoya Perez (July 15 to September 9), Cesar Gentille Vargas (September 10 to November 10), Gaston Rodriguez Limo (November 12 to 17) and Ruben Vargas Cespedes (November 18 to December 2).

General PNP (r) Aliaga Lodtmann was born on June 7, 1961. He is a graduate of the School of Officers of the former Peruvian Investigative Police and a lawyer at the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos (Lima) as well as a Bachelor in Administration of the Faustino Sanchez Carrion University (Huacho) and is in training at the Santiago Antunez de Mayolo National University (Huaraz) . She also has a Masters degree in Development and National Defense. He was police chief of the Callao Region and the Northeast Region. I retired in 2016.

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