Storm penetrates the GOL hangar in Belo Horizonte with wind speeds of 80 km / h

A major storm hit Belo Horizonte and the metropolitan area yesterday (14) at night with wind speeds of up to 80 km / h, which reached the GOL hangar, as shown in the images below (expected to load).

The images recorded in the video were published on social networks and show the wind in the hangar, accompanied by heavy rain. Although the airport’s weather station recorded a speed of 80 km / h (43 knots) for gusts at the time of the incident, the three Boeing 737NGs in the hangar remain “unconscious” of the wind power. In other similar cases that we have already spoken of, high winds can even move planes.

On the outside, in the right hand corner, the third 737NG can be seen, but the 737 MAX, which is a little further back, in the area where it has been stored for over a year after the flights on the jet were suspended not to be seen in March 2019.

At the time of the storm, visibility at the airport was so poor that visibility was only 350 meters on headland 34 next to the GOL maintenance hangar.

With the strong storm, four Azul flights were diverted to other airports such as Galeão, Campinas and Ribeirão Preto. In addition, a GOL flight to BH was canceled at departure and three Azul flights from BH were also canceled. Other flights were delayed and the situation did not normalize until around midnight.

Exterior view of the GOL hangar

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