Special forces of the Spanish Navy during a simulated attack on the maritime rescue ship María Pita-Noticias

Members of the Spanish Navy’s Special Naval Warfare Force (FGNE) carried out a simulated attack on a suspicious ship, in particular the María Pita rescue ship, while they were sailing in the waters of the Pontevedra Estuary. Since April 11th and until April 23rd, members of the FGNE, the navy’s green berets, have been working at the Naval Military School in Marín, in the middle of the Pontevedra estuary, to carry out training exercises in Atlantic waters and in cold climates that are severe differs from the one near its base in Algameca (Cartagena-Murcia).

We are facing a new edition of these annual exercises in Galicia, where the green berets carry out a wide range of activities: skydiving into the water, sabotage, boarding, combat diving in collaboration with other naval resources of the Navy. The training in maritime prohibited operations should be emphasized, for which they were supported by the Sikorsky SH-60F and SH-60B helicopters of the 5th and 10th squadrons of the aircraft flotilla (FLOAN). It must be taken into account that the Naval Military School, which trains future Navy and Marine Corps officers, has a helipad from which to operate the rotary wing aircraft of the Navy Aircraft Flotilla (FLOAN) located at the airfield of the naval base of Rota (Cadiz).

From these helicopters the staff of an Estol (designation of the basic unit of the FGNE) dismounted by means of the high-speed rope technique on the above-mentioned ship “Maria Pita”, which is technically a high-altitude tug. Control of the ship in a few minutes, after ?? Reduction ?? around a dozen crew members.

This is an attack drill and are you taking? Suspicious ship? in shipping, for which the crew of the Maritime Rescue and Safety Society (SASEMAR), an agency of the Spanish Ministry of Development, mainly in the area between the cities of Vigo (Pontevedra) and La Coruña.

During this mission, the FGNE troops also carried out exercises and collaborations with the students of the Military Naval School, both in the Pontevedra Estuary and further north in the Ferrol Estuary (La Coruña), where most of the naval facilities in Galicia are. (Julio Maíz Sanz)

Photo: Navy helicopters go to the rescue ship ?? María Pita ??. (Photo: Armada)

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