Spanish Navy: Heat measurement and positioning system for the precise localization of an object Noticias

A few weeks ago we reported to you that the Spanish Navy has received the DIFI (Infrared Signature Instrumental Demonstrator) and DIAR (High Resolution Instrumental Demonstrator) systems, mobile devices, each intended for measurements of the signature of navos in the electromagnetic measurement center.

We have gathered more information about the first team. The design and preparation of the DIFI are part of a contract signed in 2017 between the Escribano company and the University of Vigo, with the Navy being the end-user of the concept. The agreement established a development that included a cooled infrared camera with a spectral sensitivity between 8 and 12 as a technological innovation. Escribano supplied two of these new devices, a visible camera, a telometer for precise distance measurement and a positioning system. to know exactly where a particular object is.

The DIFI developed was largely based on the equipment and technological contributions from Escribano, one of the most important national manufacturers of electro-optical systems, which after more than seven years has developed various concepts in various visible and thermal spectral bands. They manufacture and design their own cameras in mechanics, lenses, electronic cards or algorithms for video processes. Based on their experience, they have developed thermal measurement systems that are used by the Military Emergency Unit (UME), and they will do the same with the cameras for driving aids for Pizarro Phase II.

The quality and reliability that the DIFI offers with its proven performance and performance is particularly relevant when it comes to characterizing the signature generated by a particular marine platform and thus obtaining its electromagnetic, radar and infrared signature together with the DIAR. This is important information so that the mobile analysis unit, which came with these devices and can be seen in one of the attached images, can evaluate how it can defend itself against missile attacks equipped with an RF type finder and IR set a Threat to naval ships. (Octavio Dez Cmara)

Photography: Escribano has developed new high-performance thermal imaging cameras that are now integrated into the DIFI and available for other programs. (Notary)

The Navy has received a mobile station to analyze the infrared and radar signatures of various types of ships. (Notary)

DGAM has funded the development of the various elements included in the Navy’s new equipment. (Notary)

Escribano has worked hard to optimize the technology for infrared and daytime cameras, as well as other devices included in DIFI. (Notary)

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