Spanish military in Latvia in the exercise “Wolverine Strike” deployed the operation ?? improved forward presence ??

The aim of the exercise, which was developed by the Allied forces stationed in Latvia, was training in defense operations. After the Spanish military successfully conducted the ALERTEX exercise at the end of February to check responsiveness to any aggression that Latvia might suffer as part of the NATO operation, it deployed its presence. (eFP) of NATO participated in the “Wolverine Strike” last week, during which the Spanish Tactical Group led the main effort as it directed practically all the main actions.

Wolverine Strike? It is part of the conditioning exercises in front of the “Crystal Arrow”, in which the NATO units stationed in Adazi (Latvia) will take part together with the Latvian mechanized brigade.

In the exercise, procedures were put into practice that make it possible to integrate the various allied units in order to carry out defensive measures. For this purpose, a tank company, three mechanized companies, an artillery battery, and engineering and logistics units of an enemy mechanized company that simulated an attack on the Allied forces have raised themselves.

During the activity, several key areas of the site were occupied in strength and depth, always maintaining a reserve that could timely get into areas where the Allied forces were attacked by the enemy. In this case, it was decided to conduct zone defense in its most dynamic variant, abandoning the ground until the enemy was directed into a zone of destruction, where a decisive counterattack was successfully carried out that managed to destroy it.

The great advantage of this type of exercise, which has opposition forces and a mediation team, is that it can restore conditions that affect command and control, very similar to those that would arise in the face of a real enemy. Hence the Wolverine Strike? Not only is it a challenge and opportunity to train allied units, but it also puts command posts to the test. Once again, the excellent skills of the Spanish tactical group have proven themselves.

Photography: Binomio recognizes an area of ​​the forest.

VCI Pizarro deployed near Adazi.

Source and photo: Defense Staff.

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