Spanish Legion: Flamenco Centenary-Noticias

On the occasion of the celebration of the 100th birthday of La Legin, the original idea was born to merge the legionnaire’s songbook with the art of flamenco. For example, the “Tercio de Extranjeros” Foundation, in collaboration with the General Directorate for Publications of the Ministry of Defense, has published a unique work with the passion and feeling of flamenco as a tribute to a legion for years to arouse passions and create feelings.

The Tercio de Extranjeros Foundation is a national non-profit organization that is registered in the General Register of Foundations of the Ministry of Culture and classified as non-profit. It was founded there in 2009 and has been doing meritorious work ever since, inspired by the values ​​of camaraderie, loyalty and solidarity that are part of the essence of the armed forces in general and the Legion in particular.

Its statutes stipulate that the purposes of the foundation are as follows:
1.- Its main purpose is the social advancement of those people who have served in the ranks of the Legion and who are currently in a situation of helplessness, uprooting, without a family or simply without a home.
2.- Promotion of educational, cultural and sports activities in order to facilitate the social and labor integration of the staff associated with the establishment.
3.- Institutional strengthening, attempting to preserve the Legion’s historical memory, testimony and material, encouraging the study of the trajectory of this unit, preserving the testimony of those who have served in it over the centuries and helping to preserve movable and immovable property and related documents.

Under the direction of Maestro Alfredo Arrebola (National Flamenco and Flamencology Prize 1974) a work was born that brings together an important cast of artists, singers, guitarists and palm trees to breathe life into a very original adaptation of Legionary songs the different flamenco styles.

In addition, it is an altruistic initiative that, in line with the Foundation’s objectives, uses its profits to meet the needs of those in need of protection and protection due to their adventures and misfortunes. A historical, flamenco and legionary work that is indispensable for lovers of good canteens and our hundred-year-old legion. Now on sale, those interested can enjoy it and contribute to a noble cause by buying it from the following link:

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