Spain is strengthening cooperation between the two countries with the US Minister for National Security – Noticias

Home Secretary Fernando Grande-Marlaska held a videoconference with United States Secretary of State for National Security Alejandro Mayorkas to strengthen ties between the Spanish Home Office and the Ministry of Security for American nationals. Mayorkas was appointed to the position by US President Joe Biden last February.

Grande-Marlaska has given Mayorkas the firm Spanish will to strengthen the good relationships between our respective departments.

The Minister and the Secretary for National Security have dealt with strengthening bilateral and multilateral cooperation in the fight against terrorism. We are sticking to our commitment to work together to prevent and combat terrorism and violent radicalization, said the Spanish minister.

Cooperation between the two departments is particularly important in areas such as the fight against terrorism, the fight against organized crime, drug trafficking and cybercrime. The Spanish and US security forces cooperate actively in the exchange of information and in the numerous joint operations in these areas.

In this context, the Minister of the Interior emphasized that the result of our police cooperation has achieved important operational successes in the fight against organized crime, especially in the drug and arms trade and cyber crime.

The Minister of the Interior and the Secretary for National Security have also looked at the management of migratory flows, an area where, as they have indicated, both countries share a common challenge. Grande-Marlaska and Mayorkas have agreed to identify the most effective strategy as a comprehensive approach that will combat the mafias that roam people through working with countries of origin and transit and establishing legal channels for human trafficking. Migration.

Grande-Marlaska and Maryorkas also discussed promoting joint international agreements for information exchange, best practices and training for dependent members of both departments. Regarding training, an exchange was held that enriches the capacities of members of both departments and promotes understanding of the legal and police systems, Grande-Marlaska said.

The Minister of the Interior and the Secretary of the Ministry of National Security also exchanged views and strategies on cybersecurity and critical infrastructures and discussed cooperation projects in police matters with Latin America. Latin America is present in Spanish foreign policy and therefore also in security issues. It remains one of the priority areas for this ministry, stressed Grande-Marlaska.

The meeting came after the G6 telematics meeting (a group attended by Home Affairs Ministers from Spain, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy and Poland) that took place on March 24, and which hosted the United States through its attorney general Merrick B. Garland and Mayorkas themselves.

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