Spain emphasizes the need to formulate a real cooperation strategy with the countries of origin and transit of migration from the EU Noticias

The Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, defended before his counterparts in the European Union this Friday the need to prioritize the EU’s external measures and to create stable mechanisms for cooperation with the countries of origin and transit of immigration. He pointed out that this is the axis that a future common European immigration and asylum policy must formulate in order to deal effectively with this phenomenon.

The EU interior ministers held an informal telematics meeting on Friday at which they debated migration and asylum policies in order to approve the new European pact on this matter in the future. You also analyzed issues related to the fight against terrorism following the recent jihadist attacks in Germany, France and Austria.

Regarding immigration, Grande-Marlaska thanked EU Interior Commissioner Ylva Johansson for her trip to the Canary Islands last week to review the situation in the archipelago on the ground and to intensify the search for common solutions. We are concerned that reality is going beyond the provisions of the pact in order to respond effectively to the challenges facing the frontline member states that are those of the whole of the EU, said the Spanish minister.

In this area, Grande-Marlaska has insisted that, with a view to approving the future European Pact on Migration and Asylum, the priority must be on the external dimension rather than our external borders, especially the maritime ones.

The Spanish minister has warned that cooperation with the countries of origin and transit of irregular migration is the least developed part of the pact for which he has defended that we must go forward by proposing concrete measures, starting with the involvement of everyone of us states. Members and institutions with the countries of origin and transit countries as well as the necessary funding for these measures.

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