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The Spanish Ministry of the Interior has drawn up and launched a strategic plan against cybersecurity in order to strengthen the capacities to detect, prevent and prosecute this criminal modality and to generate a new operational impetus that guarantees the protection of rights and freedoms and the security of citizens . Interior Minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska reported the content of this strategic plan to the National Security Council (CSN).

The strategic plan drawn up by the State Secretary for Security focuses on prevention. in the cooperation between the various state security forces and organs (FCSE) and the statutory operators; Provide sufficient and reasonable capacity to formulate responses adapted to the different criminal modalities; in collaboration with industry and relevant cybersecurity operators in the public and private sectors; and with conscientious respect for freedom, privacy and other fundamental rights.

Based on these principles, the plan outlines a global strategy to achieve the following specific goals:

Promote a culture of cybercrime prevention among citizens and businesses.

Promote training and specialization of FCSE members in cybersecurity and cybercrime issues.

Increase and improve the use and availability of technological tools and implement the R + D + i area.

Proper management of the information available in cyberspace.

Promote a legal and institutional framework that provides solutions to the cybersecurity and cybercrime challenges.

Promote coordination at national and international level and promote cooperation between the public and private sectors.

To achieve these goals, the plan includes forty-nine specific lines of action that revolve around six strategic axes: culture of cybercrime prevention, empowerment, generation of cyber intelligence, national coordination and international cooperation, generation of an appropriate legal framework and public relations private cooperation .

Internet crime is growing rapidly worldwide, parallel to the increasing development and use of information and communication technologies in all public and private sectors. The European Commission estimates that cybercrime cost the global economy € 5.5 trillion in 2020, the largest illegal asset transfer, already higher than that of global drug trafficking

According to the Interior Ministry, a total of 83,058 cybercrime-related incidents were known in 2015, which rose to 218,302 at the end of 2019, an increase of 162.8 percent in just five years. If cyber crime accounted for 4.1 percent of total known crime in 2015, that rate had risen to 9.9 percent by the end of 2019.

The Strategic Plan against Cybercrime provides the Ministry of the Interior with the necessary resources to address this situation in five areas of action: detection, prevention, protection, response and prosecution, and appropriate care for victims.

Officials, specialists, authorities and experts from the National Police and the Civil Guard, the Regional Police and the General Council of Power took part in the preparation of the plan, which was drawn up under the direction of the Cybersecurity Coordination Office (OCC). of the Prosecutor General, the General Council of Spanish Lawyers, CCN-CERT and INCIBE-CERT, the Center for Intelligence Against Terrorism and Organized Crime (CITCO), the National Center for the Protection of Infrastructures and Cyber ​​Security (CNPIC), as well as the University, banks and others private institutions.

The plan approved by the Executive Coordinating Committee (CECO) of the Ministry of Interior on February 18, 2021 came into effect this Tuesday with the publication of Instruction 1/2021 by the Secretary of State for Security, Rafael Prez Ruiz, General Order of the General Directorate of Police and in the Official Gazette of the Civil Guard.

Once published, all Interior Ministry administrative centers and agencies competent in cybercrime issues will have four months to present their respective operational action plans. A financial allocation of 1,000,000 euros is planned for the budget year 2021 for the measures and measures provided for in the strategic plan against cybercrime.

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