Six Leonardo AW119Kx helicopters for the Federal Road Police of Brazil-Noticias

The Brazilian Polica Rodoviria Federal (Federal Highway Police) is improving its safety and rescue operations with six single-engine AW119Kx helicopters. The first aircraft is expected to arrive in Brazil starting next year, and delivery of the remaining helicopters is expected to be completed in mid-2021. The AW119Kx is operated by the Division of Air Operations (DOA) from its bases across the five regions of Brazil to perform a variety of missions including transportation, rescue, emergency medical services, fire fighting, surveillance and public safety.

The AW119Kx was selected after a rigorous assessment of technical capabilities to better meet the requirements of the Public Safety Authority. The delivery of these helicopters will further expand the fleet of Leonardo helicopters, which are used by law enforcement agencies as well as rescue and public service providers across Brazil and which in addition to the models already include the single-engine type AW119, further expanding the light twin AW109 and medium twin AW139.

The helicopters have an advanced custom setup that includes a Garmin G1000NXi glass cockpit, an infrared-enabled electro-optic system, a rescue elevator, a cargo hook and a water-bearing water holding basket. double-sided abseiling set for special units and communication systems.

To date, there are more than 190 Leonardo helicopters of various types in service in Brazil serving various functions including: corporate / private transportation, public safety, public services, offshore transportation and marine applications. As the Leonardo product grows in success, the company is keen to further strengthen its existing range of localized services and to set up a new regional support center under the direction of Leonardo do Brasil in Itapevi, 30 km away from Also Paulo, its inauguration in February took place.

The new support center will expand the services already offered by the existing facility in São Paulo. Leonardo is committed to serving and protecting communities around the world, contributing to their sustainable growth and leading the next generation of technologies. Working with governments, private organizations and industries to maintain the best security and protection capabilities is a pillar of Leonardo’s Be Tomorrow 2030 strategic plan.

Photo: AW119Kx helicopter for the Rodoviria Federal Police.

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