Signed the decree that finally allowed Hercules, acquired by the Peruvian Air Force, to fly from Spain to Peru

The two Hercules KC-130H transport aircraft acquired by Spain for the Peruvian Air Force have to land definitively in this country on February 14th, which does not rule out that the date can be brought forward depending on the availability of the crews. This is possible after the formal adoption of Decree No. 001-2021-DE, signed by the President of the Republic, Francisco Sagasti Hochhausler, which declared the treaty from government to government to be of national interest. Acquisition of two multi-purpose aircraft to optimize the medium-strategic air traffic service, unique code No. 2487807.

According to , the crews of the Spanish Air Force are dedicated to optimizing and updating the relevant flight schedules that take off from Zaragoza Air Base (Spain) and, as previously reported, stopovers at Gran Canaria Airports (GCLP), Amilcar Cabral ( GVAC) in Cape Verde, Cayena-Rochambeau (SOCA) in Guyana and Ernesto Cortissoz (SKBQ) in Barranquilla (Colombia) finally end up in Jorge Chvez (SPJC) in Lima (SPJC Pro).

The Peruvian Defense Ministry approved a few days ago, through Ministerial Resolution No. 031-2021-DE, an increase in the institutional budget of around $ 35 million to allow the Air Force to complete the takeover of the two KC-130H Hercules. Both ships, manufactured in 1981 and marked with registration numbers TK10-11 (MSN 4871) and TK10-12 (MSN 4874), belonged to the Air Force operating under the command of the 31st Wing at Zaragoza Air Base (Spain) . The sale to Peru was approved by the Spanish Council of Ministers on December 1st.

Upon arrival in Peru, the KC-130H will be assigned to Air Group No. 8, whose flight crews and maintenance personnel received appropriate training in mid-November. By installing the KC-130H, the Air Force will not only be able to increase the passenger transport and evacuation capabilities needed to deal with the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, but will also be able to return after nearly two decades to ride the Cessna A-37B, Mirage 2000 and MiG-29SMP conduct refueling work.

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