Siemens appoints Karen Gaines as global head of cyber defense and will operate from Madrid-Noticias

Siemens has decided to reinforce its commitment to cybersecurity by signing and appointing Karen Gaines as global head of Cyberdefense, one of the five industries into which the multinational company has divided cybercrime security and protection. In addition to cyber defense, the company is also active in other areas worldwide, including OT / IT protection. Cloud security, governance risk, and compliance and security advice.

Natalia Oropeza, Chief Cybersecurity Officer at Siemens, I am proud to have Karen on my team from now on, one of the most respected and experienced professionals in the industry. Karen will help us better serve our customers and create even stricter standards for defense cybersecurity.

A recognized cybersecurity professional, Gaines has developed her professional career internationally over the past 23 years, filling positions of outstanding responsibility in leading technology companies. Previously, she was Director of Cybersecurity Services Development at Amazon Web Services and was previously Director of Cybersecurity at EMEA at Microsoft. He also held various positions at Hewlett Packard and Telefnica International in the United States.

The arrival of Karen Gaines in Spain is further proof of the growing importance the group is attaching to cybersecurity and, in particular, to its development and management from our country. With that in mind, from the company’s Madrid offices, Gaines leads a multidisciplinary team of more than 150 engineers and cybersecurity professionals who will work worldwide to serve defense customers. One of the main goals of the company’s cybersecurity management is to globalize its services. This is another reason why the company chose our land.

Gaines pointed out that Spain is one of the markets with the greatest talents and the best professionals in the field of engineering and the development of software solutions for the protection of infrastructures. That’s why I’m proud to work here and to have such an exceptional team. With this in mind, the company already has a team in Madrid dedicated to ensuring cybersecurity, specializing in areas such as cyber attack protection services, threat detection services and advice.

In February 2018, the company, together with a group of companies such as Airbus, Cisco, IBM and Total, launched the Charter of Trust in Cybersecurity with the fundamental aim of establishing global performance standards that should help make the digital world safer and more secure. Avoid the potential harm that cyber criminals can cause.

The companies that make up the Charter of Trust have developed a set of key requirements and pushed ahead with their global implementation over the past three years to make cybersecurity a priority need in all digital supply chains. These requirements apply to all aspects of cybersecurity, including people, processes, and technology.

It is a fact that connectivity between machines and equipment is increasing and recently new risks have emerged that need to be mitigated. In order to face this reality, companies have to apply a protection model that ensures the permanent availability of the facilities. One of the most commonly used systems is the so-called defense in depth model, which offers excellent protection and a very high level of security against cyber threats.

With regard to Spain, in 2017 Siemens signed an agreement with INCIBE (National Cybersecurity Institute) to set up a cybersecurity laboratory, the main task of which is to provide a holistic approach to cybersecurity that offers comprehensive protection based precisely on the defense model. A fondo. The main goal is to help customers face new challenges and protect their productivity. The concept is based on three pillars: plant security, network security and system integrity in accordance with the recommendations of ISA 99 / IEC 62443, the most important security standard in industrial automation. In addition, the National Cryptological Center (CCN) of Spain joined the Charter of Trust in 2019.

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