Sener Aeroespacial is entering into a partnership to strengthen the missile systems segment

With SMS, Sener Aeroespacial has founded a new company in which the business areas, developments, areas of activity and capacity areas existing in its parent company in the missile systems segment, in which it is gaining experience, are to be consolidated as a result of its participation in national and international programs such as Taurus, Meteor, IRIS-T, RBS-70, IRIS-T SL etc.

As part of its global strategy in the defense sector, it launched this industrial initiative with the aim of promoting the consolidation of the relevant capacities and assets of the Spanish Industrial and Technology Base for Defense (BITD) in missile systems and other high performance ammunition sector.

In the words of Rafael Orbe, Director General for Defense of the company, missile systems are an area of ​​essential defense capacity due to their impact on strategic autonomy and national sovereignty, but in which the capabilities and technologies available in Spain are many, very are fragmented, making it difficult for industry to achieve their goal of assisting the Department of Defense and the armed forces in their missile system acquisition, maintenance and modernization processes during their long operating cycles. We at Sener pride ourselves on taking the first step forward from the industrial side to add all of our skills and references and make them available to the National Defense.

Fernando Mato has joined the project highlighting that SMS was born from day one with a calling to add skills and to unite. We are therefore already in talks with the other major national companies in the industry about expanding SMS by including the capabilities and relevant assets of other partners and thus consolidating a national industrial player with its own capabilities, a tractor in the field of missile systems.

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