SEDEXPO, the security, defense and emergency department that the Galicia International Fair will celebrate in November 2022

The International Fair of Galicia ABANCA is adding a new event to its calendar, the I International Fair of Security, Defense and Emergencies, SEDEXPO. In its organization, the fair unit has a government committee made up of the Association of Comprehensive Security Directors (ADSI), the National Association of Accredited Private Security Professors (ANPASP), the International Association of Members of Security Forces and Emergencias (AIMCSE) and the Security and Defense Advisor and Advisor Luis Martnez Gaviln.

This new event, which will take place from November 17-19, 2022, brings together the key players in each of these three areas that are so different but at the same time so synergistic and essential to ensure welfare and social protection. The fair aims to be a showcase for the entire industry and its reference companies, which are vital to society and also have a strong strategic character as they generate an important economic return and promote high volumes of skilled employment and technological innovation.

Likewise, you have a full program of activities that include technical workshops, exhibitions, exercises, training workshops and award ceremonies. In addition, the newly established International Forum for Women in Security, Defense and Emergencies will be the protagonist of the fair, an initiative launched in connection with the event with the common goal of raising awareness and culture for security and Promote and promote defense. At the same time, the role and capacity of women in these areas is being reassessed.

In the event that there will be a large public / private agency that will ensure the permanent cooperation and numerous links between organizations such as the state security forces and organs, the armed forces, the military emergency department (UME) and the NBQR defense units (Nuclear, Bacteriological) highlights, chemical and radiological), civil protection, fire services or health and private companies, the academic world of each field and the main associations and groups of these three sectors are present. Also on display are public and private safety equipment and systems, vehicles, personal protective equipment, applied technology, cybersecurity tools, occupational risk prevention solutions, emergency equipment, lighting and signaling systems, fire detection and extinguishing equipment, robotics, aviation, simulation weapons and ammunition as well as consulting and engineering services as well as the range of training courses in the private sector and administration in every sector.

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