Sao Paulo, the last aircraft carrier in the Brazilian Navy, finally auctioned the Noticias

The last Brazilian aircraft carrier was auctioned for just under 2 million. The Sao Paolo, which is out of service (like much of its local active barrier), has become one of the major engineering problems for the Brazilian Navy, which has devoted considerable resources to keeping the ship under minimal safety conditions.

The sales process of the So Paulo (A12) aircraft carrier began in September 2019, but there were no interested parties in the auction in 2020. The ship, the twin of the Clemenceau, was acquired by the French Navy in 2000 when it was named Mariscal Foch (R-99), to which it was delivered in 1960. It was acquired by its listed Brazilian counterpart in 2000 for $ 12 million.

It was 265 meters long, 51.2 meters wide and 8.9 meters deep. During his career in Brazil and after various accidents and incidents (two of them in 2004 and 2012) in February 2017, the ship was decommissioned due to its enormous operating costs. So he had a very short life in Brazil. Its very likely target today is scrapping. (Javier Bonilla)

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