Russian submarine versus NATO ships: a classic of the new cold war

Pursuit of the British Royal Navy patrol ship HMS ?? Mersey ?? (P-283) to a Russian submarine sailing on the surface in waters near the UK is a new episode in the growing mutual control brought on by tensions between Russia and NATO. It was on February 26th when the Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV) high altitude patrol ship of ?? River ?? -Class During the watch duty it discovered the diesel submarine Project 636.3, class Kilo. advanced according to NATO, ?? Rostov on Don ?? (B-237) Sailing in the North Sea and the English Channel on their journey from the Baltic Sea to the Mediterranean.

The HMS (her / his majestic ship) ?? Mersey ?? (P-283) reported on the movements of this Russian submarine from the Black Sea Fleet of the Voyenno Morskóy Fleet (VMF) so that the NATO allies could follow their progress on their further journey. So in the waters of the Bay of Biscay it is monitored by the Marine Nationale in France and later by the Spanish Navy (under the control of the Operations Command (MOPS)) and the Marinha in Portugal, to reach the Mediterranean must bypass the Iberian Peninsula .

After passing the UK Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) B-237, the OPV HMS ?? Mersey ?? It returned to its home port, HMNB Portsmouth (Her Majesty’s Naval Base) in the south of England. Although this type of OPV and other of its properties, such as the Maritime Action Vessels (BAM) of the Meteor class in the Spanish Navy, they lack anti-submarine capabilities or anti-submarine warfare (ASW). Their participation in this type of surveillance operations and their presence at sea are very important, especially because of their low operating costs. Another thing is a pre-war climate, and that the submarines? Hostile? operate in immersion, a situation where the British would have the Royal Air Force (RAF) P-8 Poseidon’s ASW capability, which Spain will be missing at least temporarily after losing its last P-3M until the end of 2022. (Julio Maíz Sanz)

Photo: The Russian submarine B-237, photographed by HMS ?? Mersey ??, proudly displays the flag of San Andrés, so often questioned in Spain, on its sail. (Photo by the Royal Navy)

Mirror image of HMS ?? Mersey ?? On his left is the Russian submarine B-237. (Royal Navy photo)

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