Russian Iskander missiles target strategic Ukrainian areas

Russia will use Iskander-M OTRK missiles in the border regions with Ukraine to ensure not only the security of Crimea, but also the security of the areas of the self-appointed republics, according to the Russian heads of state and government. Apparently, Putin’s students decided to use these Iskander because they already believe that the strategic deterrent has begun, that is, a small phase before the move to armed struggle. The goals of this Iskander-M would be the destruction of infrastructures, desalination plants, airports, gas stations, power plants, internet service centers etc. etc. The Russians will decide to attack in the next few days. We have to be careful.

The video shows tests by the Russian army with CVO rocket launchers armed with Iskander-M missiles at the shooting range near Yekaterinburg. (Video: Russian Ministry of Defense)

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