Rheinmetall’s new ammunition for the South African Army reaches 800 meters from a portable grenade launcher-Noticias

Rheinmetall will supply the South African army with a new 40 mm ammunition. Medium-speed grenade launcher, characterized by long range and high precision. Rheinmetall participates in the Kamogelo program of the South African Ministry of Defense, Armscor Defense Agency and the South African Army to develop a new type of multiple grenade launchers with high-performance ammunition, which were acquired in response to an urgent operational need of the South African Army.

In February 2018, South African Milkor approved the purchase of the Y4 grenade launcher, which uses a new type of 40mm ammunition. and Rheinmetall Denel ammunition at half speed, including high-explosive and lethal versions. Of the 20,000 40mm shells. Medium-speed versions purchased include high-explosive, high-explosive, and dual-use, exercise, tracer exercise, red fluorescent, and orange illuminators.

This new family of medium speed ammunition is characterized by its long range of around 800 meters, which is well beyond the range of most slow ammunition of this type of 375 meters. (Jos M Navarro Garca)

Photo: Rheinmetall medium-speed ammunition (Rheinmetall)

The Y4 grenade launcher (Milkor)

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