Review of the maintenance program for aircraft with aging structural features

Operators or owners of large turbine aircraft that will be certified from January 1, 1958, must ensure the continued airworthiness of aging aircraft structures by developing the aircraft maintenance program with new requirements based on the change in Annex I (Part 26) of Regulation 2015/640 in the Regulation 2020/1159, which introduces item 26.370 on aircraft maintenance programs and continuous airworthiness tasks.

The new maintenance program must contain the following requirements depending on the certification of the aircraft.

1. Airplanes certified to carry thirty or more passengers or with a payload of 3,402 kg or more require an approved inspection program based on damage tolerance.

2. Airplanes operating in accordance with Annex IV (Part CAT) of Regulation (EU) 965/2012 and certified to carry thirty or more passengers or with a payload of more than 3,402 kg (7,500 lbs) must comply with the Means contain the adverse effects of repairs and changes on the critical fatigue structure and address the inspections listed in point a).

3. Certified aircraft with an MTOW of more than 34,019 kg (75,000 lbs) must have an approved LOV (Limit of Validity).

4. All should have Corrosion Protection and Control Programs (CPCP) in place.

In addition, the operator or owner must review the maintenance programs of the affected aircraft to ensure they are complying with the above conditions within the following deadlines:

– Before February 26, 2024 or before the aircraft is put into service if this occurs after that date, in order to meet requirements a), b) and d).

– Before August 26, 2021, six months after the publication of the LOV or before the aircraft is put into service, whichever is later, the aircraft maintenance program will be reviewed to meet the requirements of letter c).

The regulation provides for a number of exceptions:

1. For an airplane model that was certified for the first time before February 26, 2021 and has not been in service since February 26, 2024, the provisions of letters a), b) and c) do not apply.

2. Airplane models that were certified for the first time before February 26, 2021 and have not been in service since August 26, 2021 do not apply to the provisions of letter c).

3.Models with a restricted TC issued prior to February 26, 2021 in accordance with the damage tolerance requirements, unless they are in service for more than 75% of their service target per design and are primarily intended to assist with the manufacturing operations of the approval holder Provisions of letters a), b) and d) not.

4. The provisions of letters a) and b) do not apply to the aircraft model with limited TC exhibited before February 26, 2021, the main purpose of which is to extinguish fires.

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