Remember when Oceanair flew to Portugal on Boeing 767

In 2007 Oceanair Linhas Aéreas, which later used the visual identification of Avianca Brasil, flew to Portugal with some frequency, where it operated only “more regularly” in Europe. A video of this time (wait below for it to load) reminds of the time of these flights.

At that time, the company took advantage of the fact that other national companies, regular or not, were showing weakness and testing growth in the international market. To this end, the company brought two wide-body aircraft of the Boeing 767-300ER model, which were to become its first two-ship aircraft at the same time as BRA broke. A third 767 was put into operation, but for a short time and with the painting of the previous operator.

At that time, the company managed to operate international flights to destinations such as Mexico and also to Luanda, Angola, and operate charter flights from Brazilian contractors who expanded their business in the country and Africa as a whole.

Another destination in the Oceanair network was Lisbon. The Portuguese capital received flights from the São Paulo, Salvador, Recife and Natal company that took tourists in both directions.

The services were organized in collaboration with a group of travel agencies who bought their share of seats on flights and resold them in packages. The aircraft was configured for 278 seats, 266 in economy class and 12 in business class.

The route from the north-eastern cities to Lisbon did not take that long as the operation proved less and less profitable until the plans were gradually lifted. By the end of 2008, Oceanair had retired the three aircraft and would only return to international flights during the Avianca Brasil phase.

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