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Many are the books dealing with the Blue Division, but few are the texts that speak of the Blue Staffel and the staff of up to five seasons that run from July 1941 to well into 1944 throughout their performance were exonerated. on the ruthless Russian front during World War II.

July 1941. Commander Ángel Salas Larrazbal, at the head of a select expedition consisting of more than a hundred men, among fighter pilots, mechanics, gunsmiths and other jobs in the Spanish Air Force, flies from Madrid to Germany to join the ranks of the Air Force. Red Sky, Blue Eagles are not a manual to history, but can be classified as a fictional essay, as the exhaustive work of the documentation is evident in each of its chapters. Through a fictional character, Lieutenant Carlos Guilln, an experienced fighter pilot of the Spanish Civil War, the reader will accompany the men of Commander Salas, a fierce pilot of the First Blue Squadron and ace of national aviation, on his complicated journey through Germany and the world Soviet Union. Guilln unites and is the common thread of the experiences of all real characters that feed this work, so the reader is one of those extraordinary contingents relegated to a secondary place in the history books and overshadowed by the much better known role. developed by the Blue Division on the Russian front. Be ready, readers, because when you return to the first page of this book you will be stepping aboard the legendary Messerschmitt Bf-109, a combat fighter.


Title: Red Sky, Blue Eagles

Editorial: minutes

Author: Daniel Ortega

N pages: 636

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