Rare Brazilian jet confiscated in Portugal with R $ 39 million cocaine on board

The Portuguese judicial police seized a rare and classic business jet registered in Brazil that was shipping a million dollars of drugs to Portugal.

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According to information and photos from the Correio da Manhã newspaper, confirmed by sources in Lisbon, the registration jet PP-SDW, a rare IAI Westwind Israeli-made and unique design, was arrested with cocaine at the airport earlier this month when it landed at Portela in Lisbon .

What makes the jet stand out is that it has a middle wing that sits right in the middle of the fuselage in terms of height, unlike the absolute majority of low wing business jets or even other high wing propeller planes.

The cover of the Correio da Manhã newspaper illuminates the seizure of the jet

The Westwind was originally produced by the American Aero Commander, based on the high wing Aero Commander 500 turboprop, which left its aviation legacy in the hands of Bob Hoover, who for his acrobatics is one of the “greatest pilots of all Times ”is unimaginable with this executive aircraft.

Shortly thereafter, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) bought the project and evolved into the Astra, which later became the G100, the first of the Gulfstream line, the maker of the world’s longest-reaching and fastest business jets.

The jet was popular again in Brazil, but there are few units left today. One of them belonged to the singer Roberto Carlos, who bought a Westwind and named it Lady Laura with the registration PP-LDY. According to ANAC data, there are only six units of this classic aircraft in Brazil.

The flight history shows that the plane landed in Lisbon on the 1st of this month. © FlightRadar24

The westerly wind confiscated in Lisbon is registered in the name of Supreme Locadoras de Veículos, a landlord in Belo Horizonte. According to Correio da Manhã, the jet was purchased in 2017 for a value of $ 750,000, which is roughly $ 2.5 million.

The seizure in Lisbon occurred on the 1st of this month when the jet landed at Portela Airport, according to the FlightRadar24 database. 170 kilos of cocaine worth € 6 million or R $ 39 million at the current price were found in the plane. Two Portuguese and three Brazilians were arrested with the drug, whose identities were not disclosed.

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