RAAF names its seven A330 MRTT aircraft

Photo: RAAF

A christening ceremony was held at Amberley Air Base, Australia. The Multi-Role Tanker Transport (MRTT) aircraft KC-30A were named after a tradition that took place during World War II.

“When we return to RAAF’s Amberley Base from a mission or deployment, there is hardly a better feeling than seeing these places from above and knowing that we have come home. The names of the aircraft carry a souvenir of us home with us, ”said the commanding officer Sarah Stalker.

The names chosen for the seven aircraft were: City of Ipswich, City of Brisbane, Wivenhoe, Scenic Rim, Warrego, Willowbank, and Somerset.

This tradition began in February 1942 when five Empire flying boats were named: Centaurus, Calypso, Coogee, Coolangatta and Clifton.

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