Qualification course in the Airbus Helicopters EC145 for the Police of Buenos Aires

Pilots from the Directorate of Safety of Services and Air Operations (DSSOA) conducted an elementary school (aircraft type assessment course) for EC145 helicopters thanks to the signing of an agreement managed by the Aviation Education and Training Department of DSSOA. Responsible for Commissioner Javier Monteneri at the Federal Aviation Directorate of the Argentine Federal Police.

The conference took place in the facilities of the Federal Training Department, commanded by Commissioner Gabriel Casia, on Demarchi Island in the autonomous city of Buenos Aires, under the direction of Commissioner Inspector Marcelo Bedo, technical staff and pilots of this institution. The DSSOA professionals who attended the course were Inspector Inspector Alejandro Rago, Inspectors Gabriel Tissone, Fernando Rodríguez and Roberto Faras, Deputy Inspector Francisco Jaurena and Inspector Luis Celano. In this way, the body, led by Commissioner Guillermo Illa, continues to implement a policy that focuses on training and hierarchizing its staff in order to provide the best possible service to citizens. (Luis Pieiro)

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