Proposals for equipping the Brazilian army with 8×8 armored cavalry combat vehicles (VBC CAV) – Noticias

The deadline for the Brazilian Army to request information or RFI (Request For Information) about their future 8×8 armored vehicles remains open until March 26th. The Materials Directorate (D Mat), organ of the Brazilian Army Logistics Command, published the public consultation No. 01/2021 (RFI), which aims to inform the national and international market about the delivery capacity for the implementation of the project Armored Cavalry Combat Vehicle (VBC CAV).

This RFI also aims to collect contributions to improve the descriptions in the draft operational requirements and in the draft technical, logistical and industrial requirements and to conduct price studies.

According to the announcement in this link, interested companies should send an email to the email by March 26, 2021 with the presentation form, the confidentiality agreement and the declaration of the agreement with the public solicitation. Any doubts about the public consultation will only be clarified later, as can also be found in the previous link.

The project in question aims to procure between 98 and 221 armored cavalry combat vehicles, providing two vehicles for the valuation lot, in a manner consistent with the operational requirements of the armored units of the Brazilian Army. (Javier Bonilla, Edefa Group correspondent in Brazil)

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