Proposal to salvage the former Brazilian aircraft carrier São Paulo for the Turkish Navy and embark Sukhoi Su-33 flanker fighters on it-news

“Instead of dismantling the ship, we should equip it with various systems that are valid for our mission and start training future-oriented aircraft carrier personnel from today.” It is the proposal of the former commanding officer of the Turkish Navy, Rear Admiral Mustafa Cihat Yayci, who still has great influence on the institution and unofficially acts as a strategic naval advisor in various areas of the Turkish naval interests and its allies in the Middle East. The ship is due to be scrapped in Turkey shortly.

In addition to the interviews of the former leader of the Turkish press on the matter, there is talk of a likely greed by China and some emerging economies for the considered old-fashioned Navo, although interesting in terms of certain technologies that are not dominated by emerging powers. .

According to the Rear Admiral, the NAe São Paulo’s advanced age of 58 would not be an obstacle to its use for training purposes, and that inferior and older ships have already been used successfully by other navies around the world. In addition, the Turkish marine park would not have any major problems if the ship were to be recovered. The Turkish Navy, which has tried to buy aircraft carriers from other countries in the past, now plans to build a wholly owned one with mixed multinational technology by the end of this decade. The company currently operates the amphibious assault ship TCG Anadolu, which can be used as a light aircraft carrier and operates vertical take-off and take-off jets. It hoped to operate the US F-35 Lightning II embargo.

It is necessary to consider it (Sao Paulo) as a teaching material in the form of puzzles, disassembling, using and putting on. At this point it is important to train military personnel on this platform to get habit and experience for yourself. In the Navy, simulations are being prepared to provide “virtual training”, that is, visual training that can be translated into Turkish as a cabin, to the personnel working in the cabin. We know they are mobilizing a lot of ways to get it done. So it is very important that we have an aircraft carrier and that we can train so that these task forces can perform their functions effectively. This will be years ahead of us in terms of our experience with the aircraft carrier and its group operations, explained Rear Admiral Mustafa Cihat Yayci, suggesting that we carefully consider the Sukhoi Su-33 Flanker of Russian origin as an alternative to the aircraft we can offer with this boat use. The unit cost of this aircraft is $ 60 million and is a derivative of the Su-27, which was developed for use at sea. “

In this context, many also recall the case of the former USSR / Ukraine aircraft carrier, the Varyag, which would also be scrapped while it was bought by China and announced to be used as part of its pilot program for training pilots in pilot training . Today it is Liaoning that is almost exclusively active in their functions and is an imbalance factor in the geopolitics of the South China Sea.

There are even those who remember the curious Angolan interest of the Prince of Asturias years ago, who was finally dismantled at a shipyard in Turkey, a reference country in euphemistically reverse engineering, i.e. basically copy systems. (Javier Bonilla)

Photo: Brazilian aircraft carrier So Paulo.

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