Promotions in the Army and Navy of Mexico, seven new generals in the division and four new admirals

The Secretaries of National Defense (SEDENA) and Mexican Navy (SEMAR) will grant 212 and 83 promotions, respectively, to outstanding chiefs and officers who have passed exams and excelled in their performance in each armed institute. In the army and air force, seven brigade generals will be promoted to division generals, the highest military rank in the land and air forces, while there will be four new admirals in the navy.

Also outstanding in the Army is the promotion of six women, two of whom will be service generals and four service colonels. They are the surgeons Olga Lidia Jurez Patio and Catalina Martnez Campos. With them there will be six General Services in the structure of SEDENA, in which, since 2013, the General Brigade Surgeon Martha Patricia Fernndez Guzmn (Director of the Faculty of Military Medicine), the General Brigadier Surgeon-Dentist Irene Espinosa Reyes (Director of the Department of Dental Specialties), Brigadier General Mara del Carmen Cisneros Rivera (Director of the Military Graduate School of Health) and Brigadier General Medical Surgeon Patricia Gutirrez Daz (Technical Deputy Director, General Directorate of Health).

This year there will be 212 promotions, of which there will be seven new generals of the division, 24 generals of the armed brigade, 10 brigadier generals of the SA service, 1 general of the service brigadier, 29 general brigadier of arms and 74 colonels of the armed forces and 32 Colonel of the Services.

In the Mexican Air Force (FAM) there will be 1 General Aviator Pilot Division, 7 Wing Generals (equivalent to Brigadier Generals), 10 Group Generals (equivalent to Brigadier Generals) and 10 Airman Pilot Colonels and 7 Colonels of services.

The new generals of the division are:

Jos Alfredo Gonzlez Rodrguez (Commander of the VI Military Region, La Boticaria, Veracruz)

Carlos Arturo Pancardo Escudero (Commander of the Military Region, Monterrey, Nuevo Len)

Arturo Trinidad Gonzlez (Deputy Operational Chief of the National Defense Staff)

Norberto Corts Rodrguez (Commander of the XII Military Region, Irapuato, Guanajuato)

Jaime Gonzlez valos (Commander of the VII Military Region, Tuxtla Gutirrez, Chiapas)

Eufemio Alberto Ibarra Flores (Commander of the Military Region, Cumbres de Llano Largo, Guerrero)

Cruz Eduardo Vega Rivera (Director of the Escuela Superior de Guerra-ESG)

All of these generals were promoted to brigadier generals simultaneously on November 20, 2015.

The new Division General of the Mexican Air Force is Scar Ren Rubio Snchez, the current Commander of the Northeast Region (RANO) in Hermosillo, Sonora.

Wing Pilots Airmen generals are promoted by generals of the group:

David Mascareas Gutirrez, Carlos de Jess Gracia Ros, Enrique Rivera Gutirrez, Edgar Salvador Rodrguez Franco, Antonio Fernndez lvarez, Arnoldo Ros Salas and Jos Manuel Garca Bahena.

The six military women who will be promoted in November 210 are:

To Brigadier Generals of Service

Olga Lidia Jurez Patio (surgeon)

Catalina Martnez Campos (surgeon)

To the colonels on duty

Luz Mara Aguilar Anguiano (surgeon)

Blanca Edith Cid Domnguez (surgeon)

Mara de Jess Serrano Carlos (nurse)

Sandra Patricia Ruz Mrquez (Military Justice)


As for the Navy-Navy of Mexico, the institution will grant chiefs and officers 83 promotions, of which only one woman will be promoted, Bertha Adriana Gutirrez Romero, architect of the Mexican Navy engineering service promoted by the captain of Frigate Captain de Navo.

She is the only woman on the list of 83 promotions sent to the Senate by the Presidency of the Republic for her knowledge and approval.

Two years ago, SEMAR unveiled an important recognition granted by the federal public administration to recognize their efforts in the field of equality culture.

As a result, on March 6, 2018, this marine establishment received the recognition of first place of the 2017 Prize for Culture of Gender Equality of the Federal Public Administration Amalia de Castillo Ledn in its first edition, noting that Marine.

SEMAR currently has a membership of 68,725 members, 20 percent of whom are women, ie around 13,745 members.

The Secretariat of the Navy-Navy of Mexico (SEMAR) sent the Senate of the Republic and the Minister of the Interior the list of promotions and ratifications of grades for promotion 2020, in which 83 new chiefs and officers will be present on November 20.

It is noticeable, however, that despite the repeated mention of gender equality as one of the advances in evolution and professionalization and in the secretariat, only one woman is promoted to the next higher class.

The list of Senate promotions also indicates that the General Corps will have three new admirals: Vice Admiral Jos Toms Jorge Tress Zilly, Vice Admiral Csar Carlos Preciado Velzquez; and Vice Admiral Julio Csar Pescina vila.

With them, Vice Admiral Luis Javier Robinson Portillo Villanueva rose as admiral of the Naval Aeronautical Corps.

Meanwhile, Vice Admiral of the General Corps, Rear Admiral Carlos Eduardo Leglise Escamilla; Judge Juan Trinidad Garca Figueroa; Enrique Flores Morado; Benito Armando Galeana Abarca; Hctor Pineda Cruz and Jos Ramn Lpez Luna.

22 elements will arrive at the Rear Admirals of the General Corps; the Navo Captains of the Marine Corps will have five members: Frigate Captain Carlos García Cruz; Frigate Captain Miguel ngel Caballero Ulaje; Frigate captain Marcos Jurez Carmona; Frigate captain Javier Lpez Garca; and captain of the Fragata, Luis Fernando Garca Snchez. (Jorge Alejandro Medelln)

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